About Us

If you own a garden or a farm, you do know how hard it can get to grow what you planned. Apart from the things we can’t fully control – excessively hot weather, hurricanes, floods, etc. – there’s something we can manage. One of such things is pests.

Of course, this doesn’t limit to gardening and agriculture. Pests may surround us in our homes as well. Roaches, beetles, bookworms, clothes moths, what not. Luckily, we live in a world where fighting pests is not rocket science anymore. Simply get the right pest control product, and you’re all set.

However, the market is flooded with every kind of such products. And in case you’ve never faced this before, it’s understandable you’re puzzled with the myriad of options online shops offer. To choose a decent product, you need to do your own research, study the topic, make sure you realize what you’re fighting against, compare all the existing manufacturers, customer reviews, prices, etc. Sounds intimidating, right? Time-consuming, at least. However, that’s why we are here – to save your time and efforts.

Our team

Our team consists of pest control company experts, professional editors, writers, and content managers. We help you find your ideal product in mere minutes: simply open an article on a topic you’re interested in, and you’ll find a list of the best pest control supplies.

Our team

Phyllis McMahon
Research Writer
Phyllis teaches English Literature at a local college and loves writing in her free time. She’s also a great cook – her British beef Wellington is something the best restaurants crave for.
Chas Kempf
Expert Consultant
Chas works in a professional pest control company and knows all the nuances of this job. Also, he’s a fantastic tennis player and loves to organize BBQ parties for his family and Read more

How We Do It

When compiling our lists, we do a profound research first. We scour the net in search of the most reliable options, based on its specifications, manufacturer, customer reviews (eliminating unnatural ones), price, and sales statistics. However, it doesn’t end here. All the chosen options are then tested by our experts to get an idea of which cope with their task flawlessly and which don’t even deserve their place on our list.

What We Get

We do not collaborate with any of the manufacturers. Our site is an Amazon affiliate, which means we simply get commissions if anything is sold with our help. This lets us stay unbiased in our findings.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our editorial team: [email protected]. We are always ready to consult you!