6 Amazing Moth Traps for Every Closet and Pantry

From closet to pantry - we've picked the best moth traps that cover it all
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Are you having a persistent moth problem in your home? Tired of finding moth larvae in your pantry or on your clothing? With the best moth traps, this can easily be a thing of the past.

But there are several moth traps in the market and it may be difficult to find the perfect one. Luckily, our review considers some of the most important features to look out for if you have moth problems. Toxic elements and working time are some of the most important things to look out for when shopping for a moth trap. And for obvious reasons. You also need to consider the trap type, effectiveness and where you place your traps if you want the best results.

Top 6 Moth Traps Review 2021


MothPrevention Powerful Moth TrapsEditor’s Choice

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 3 (1 in each pack)
  • Protection: 2 months

More features: refillable, nontoxic and odorless, multiple moth access points

MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps is one of the must-have essentials as spring rolls up. They feature hanging moth traps that you can use to nab some of the common clothes and pantry moths. But how do these mouth traps work?

This moth trap features a large hanging strip that is coated with glue to trap any cloth or carpet moths in your home.  Any moth in the vicinity of the moth trap will be attracted to the pheromone element in the glue. The glue strip in this moth trap is quite effective and will only have to be replaced after every two to three months.

Some moth traps in the market have odors and this may not be suitable for  most people. However, MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps is both odorless and non-toxic making it even safe for family use. It is also refillable, powerful, and quite easy to use. You will not have to go through any complicated steps when placing these moth traps.

This sticky moth trap comes in batches of three with one of the glue sticks in each of them. It also has several moth access points, which only enhances its effectiveness. Moreover, the 90-day money-back guarantee also gives you more confidence to invest in this quality moth trap.

What we liked: This moth trap is non-toxic and odorless, which allows you to use it even in family settings where there are small children.

What could be better: It is relatively pricier than other moth traps in the market.


ECOTASTIC Clothing Moth TrapsBest for Webbing Clothes

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 11
  • Protection: 2+ months

More features: foldable trap, eco-friendly, 100% money back guarantee, odorless

Made by a small family business in the US, you can always rely on ECOTASTIC Clothing Moth Traps to take care of your moth troubles. This renowned company seeks to create affordable moth traps that are very effective. And as the name suggests, the moth traps are not harmful to the environment.

One of the most impressive things about this moth trap is the sheer number of traps in the pack. It comes with 11 sticky traps in the box, which means that you can use it for longer. These traps also allow you to place them in different rooms if you have a serious moth problem in your closet.

If you are an environment buff then you will also love that this product is eco-friendly. This means that you can use it without worrying about its impact on the environment. The moth trap is also odorless and non-toxic making it safe for use even around small children.

Setting up this type of moth is as easy as it can be and you have more placement options. Placement is versatile thanks to its foldable options that allows you to place it even in the least spacious spaces. The glue traps, coated with pheromone, will primarily trap male moths to prevent them from breeding in your home.

What we liked: You will be impressed by the number of glued traps (11) in this product, which makes it one of the most affordable moth traps.

What could be better: The design hinders its effectiveness as there is not so much space for the moths to get trapped.

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 12
  • Protection: 2+ months

More features: non-toxic, foldable, child and pet safe

If you are in the market for an effective yet safe moth trap then you should get the GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps. This moth trap features several unique features that make it one of the best clothing moth traps.

The level of safety and non-toxic nature of this moth trap is quite impressive. You can easily use it on your garments without having to worry about its effects. It is not only non-toxic to your children but can also be safely used around your pets.

This moth trap is versatile too. It works as a an alternative for your pesticides and moth balls. Moreover, you can easily place it in most areas in your home without worrying about its effects. You can use it to protect your clothes, antique pieces, animal skin, and even rugs.

GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps is also an effective product that you can always rely on. It has twin motion pheromones that trap both male and female moths through its adhesive glue. This trap can be set up in seconds and will help moths stay away from your clothes for more than two months.

What we liked: It is impossible to be unimpressed by the effectiveness of this moth trap as it traps both male and female moths.

What could be better: It would be better if it could be hang or if it had a center hole to allow it.

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 6
  • Protection: not specified

More features: non-toxic, effective against food moths

Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps is perhaps one of the most reliable and popular pantry moths you can find in the market. And it is popular for good reasons. This is a sure way to eliminate all moths that have been persistently living in your pantry.

One of the main things that makes this moth trap stand out is its effectiveness against food moths. You can rely on it to protect your dried food, grains, snacks, chook seeds, flour, and even pet foods. It does this without bringing any toxic contaminants into your food. You should, however, note that this type of moth is not effective against clothes or gypsy moths.

Aside from its impressive looks, Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps also features an effective design. They can be placed out in the open or they can be hanged depending on your needs and preferences. The impressive design allows you to place your moth trap with confidence without spoiling the aesthetics of your home. It also improves air circulation in the trap, which ultimately improves its effectiveness.

Setting up this pantry moth trap is even easier. It only takes three steps to completely set up this trap. All you have to do is to open the glue strips, peel them and fold it the way you wish.

What we liked: We loved the great design and the fact that you could use it against unwanted food moths such as the Indian meal moth.

What could be better: This moth trap is not effective against clothes moths.


Mottenfalle Clothes Moth TrapsBest Value

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 6
  • Protection: 3 months

More features: odorless, eco-friendly, safe for pets and children

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps is the best choice if you have been on the lookout for a stylish yet effective clothes moth trap. Designed with colorful flower prints, this moth trap will fit anywhere in your wardrobe without affecting your interior decor.

Unlike most of the moth traps in the market, Mottenfalle has been designed with materials made from pure elements. Consequently, this means that the pheromones are eco-friendly and do not have any insecticides. You can use them even when your children and your pets are around without worrying.

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps is also specifically made eliminate moths from your closet or clothes. Its odorless and non-toxic pheromones will gladly protect your carpets, furniture, and wool garments from troublesome moths. This makes it one of the most effective clothes moths trap.

This moth trap will help you prevent a moth infestation for up to three months. Thanks to its tightly sealed foil packaging that ensures the pheromones retains its freshness and effectiveness.

What we liked: Of course, we loved the great design and easy to use nature of this clothes moth trap.

What could be better: Its performance may not be consistent over the three months that it is in use.

  • Type: sticky trap
  • Number in pack: 2
  • Protection: 2 months

More features: non-toxic, 2 weeks before buds break hanging recommendation

Moths can also be a nuisance to your fruits such as apples and even to your fruit trees. And while you may be tempted to spray pesticide on your trees, this is not always the best case. That said, VivaTrap! Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth Trap is one of the unique moth traps for oriental fruits.

Safety is paramount when looking for a moth trap for your fruits or even foods. However, you can always rely on VivaTrap! Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth Trap as it is non-toxic. It features a unique multi-pheromone mix that has been tested to be safe for all plants and fruits.

VivaTrap moth trap is free from pesticide and is safe to all people including animals, people, and even insects. This is why commercial orchards and people with extensive gardens have always relied on this product for years. You can use it for about two months before having to replace or refill your supplies.

What we liked: VivaTrap works quite well for oriental fruits and does not cause any harmful damage to the ecosystem. Moreover, it is non-toxic to both humans and pets making it suitable for homeowners.

What could be better: The moth trap needs better assembly instructions.

Things to Consider

Knowing the best moth traps in the market is just not enough. Some of these products may be the top in their industry but they will not be suitable for your needs. You also need to understand your needs, preferences, and desired features before you invest in a moth trap. If you would like a clothes moth trap then you should not get one that only kills food moths such as Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps. This buying guide will give you a clear idea on some of the top features to look out for and what you need to know before pulling out your credit card.

What attracts moths

6 Amazing Moth Traps for Every Closet and Pantry

A lot of us love nature and all its offerings. But we also love to keep some of these unwelcome nature species outside our homes. If you have seen a couple of moths in your house then it is prudent to understand what attracts them. There are mainly two types of moths including the pantry moth and clothing moths. One of the most common pantry moths is the Indian meal moth, which will feast on the foodstuffs in your pantry. They are attracted to certain foods such as cereals, nuts, dry grains, flour, and even candy. Clothing moths such as the brown house mouth will hide in your closet and attack wool, cotton and other forms of rarely used clothing.

How moth repellents work

Moth repellents and traps work in several ways in their quest to repel moths. Today, most of these companies use pheromones to target moths, which are attracted to these scents. The moth traps in the market employ almost the same killing principles and design with differences in their target. Cloth moth traps will not employ the same designs as meal moth traps.

These moth traps are mostly made of a cardboard and a strip of paper often smeared with adhesive such as glue. Pheromones are also included to attract the moths too. But how does this work? A female moth will often release these scents to lure or signal the male moths. Male moths will, in turn, smell these pheromones and get the urge to breed. After looking for the source of the alluring pheromones, they get stuck in the adhesive and realize that it is a trap when it’s too late. Luckily, humans are unable to detect these scents meaning that they are mostly odorless.

How to pick the best moth traps

There are several things to consider before picking the best moth traps. Depending on your preferences, you can find an ideal moth trap that suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking the best moth trap.

Trap type

Moth traps are, essentially, simple pest control products that include a cardboard box and often with a hook-on top. It is hard to envision a moth trap if you have never seen one. That said, most moth traps in the market have sticky traps that lure and trap moths where they are placed. All the products we tried out in our review use this design.

Working time

We all want a household product that will last longer before the need to replace or refill it. And with most of these products costing you an arm and a leg, you should get one with the longest working time. But you also need to ensure that the protection does not wear off.

A regular moth trap will take you two months before it loses its protection power. Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps, on the other hand, has a longer working time of up to three months.


6 Amazing Moth Traps for Every Closet and Pantry

Moth traps don’t have the best designs, but they do work. While you may think you do not have a moth infestation problem in your house, placing these babies on your closet or floors may reveal something different. You will start to notice some few moths here and there after a day or two. Some of these will take some time before you see results but this may also indicate that your problem is quite novel. ECOTASTIC Clothing Moth Traps proved to be one of the most effective for webbing clothes while Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps works excellently for pantries.

Toxic elements

Moth traps are used side by side with people, children, and even pets. Children will play with anything they find and may even put these products in their mouth when unsupervised. This is why it is extremely crucial to find a moth trap that does not have any toxic element. You do not want to have your child sick in hospital just to catch some few moths here and there. Luckily, all of the products we reviewed did not have any toxic elements. GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps and Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps are actually guaranteed to be safe for both children and pets.

Where you put them

Indoor moths often fall into two categories. The closet moths that feast on your fabric such as clothes, rugs, and carpets among others. These often have the same design and prevention mechanisms. For closet moth traps, they can be hanged using a hook on your closet rod. MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps is an example. Pantry or food moths are bigger and are trapped using a cardboard with a sticky trap. These are often placed on the floor or on top of your wardrobes.

Number in pack

Different manufacturers will include different number of sticky traps in the pack. The number of moth traps that you get in a pack can be used to offset the cost of the item and will also determine how long it lasts. MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps has three traps in its pack. On the other hand, there are other products like GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps and ECOTASTIC Clothing Moth Traps that have 12 and 11 moth traps respectively.


No, you can easily set up and deal with a closet moth trap without causing any kind of damage to your clothes. In fact, these moth traps do not have any wet surfaces or very sticky adhesive that would stick to your clothes. You will only have to replace them once the sticky trap is fully covered with moths.

Unlike other types of pest control like mothballs and pesticide, moth traps do not have any unpleasant smell. Nor are they made from any toxic chemicals. They mostly use natural pheromones that are not only odorless but they are non-poisonous too. So no, your food will not taste or even smell funny when you put moth traps near them.

Yes, moth repellents are quite safe for both children and animals such as pets. You should not be concerned if you have children as they are odorless, non-toxic and mess-free.

Our Verdict

MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps is our editor’s choice, and for good reason. It works great if you are looking for an all-rounded moth trap that will not let you down. It is easy to use, powerful, has several moth access points and includes a  90-day money-back guarantee.

ECOTASTIC Clothing Moth Traps comes in at second place thanks to its environmental-friendliness and awesome performance. This moth trap comes with 10 sticky traps in the pack, is odorless and non-toxic, and can be set up easily.

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps is our best value moth trap if you are on a budget but still want the best moth trap. It is powerful, has a 3-month working period, looks great, and is easy to set up. Moreover, it is made from eco-friendly materials.

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