8 Awesome Foggers for Spiders – They Won’t Enter Your House Again

We've chosen the best foggers for spiders that can handle small apartments as well as big houses
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Last updatedLast updated: April 26, 2021
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Did you know that, for as little as $10 or less, you can say goodbye to pesky spiders? That’s right. The best fogger for spiders is all you need to enjoy living bug-free. But for this to happen, the spider fogger must have active ingredients that are proven to work. If these aren’t any good, the fogger won’t be any good either. Thankfully, this is not something you’ll worry about when you choose any of the foggers we’ve listed here, because they all contain potent compounds.

And that’s not all. They’ve also been tested for effectiveness and safety and found to surpass the standards. The best of them are, in fact, EPA-certified. It doesn’t get safer than that. Sound like the answer you’ve been looking for? Read on for more.

Top 8 Foggers for Spiders Review 2021


Black Flag 11079Editor’s Choice

  • ctive ingredient: cypermethrin
  • Volume: 6*1.25 oz
  • Active period: 12 weeks

More features: 2000 ft3 active area, no wet residue, ventilate for at least 2 hours

Arguably the best bug fogger for spiders, Black Flag 11079 works instantly and is a great choice for anyone looking to eliminate spiders from their space immediately. It uses cypermethrin, a fast-acting compound that is lethal on insects, but safe for humans and pets. You won’t have to worry about messy, wet residue after using the fogger because it doesn’t leave any. Neither will you notice any repugnant smell after spraying it. Quite the contrary, it leaves a nice-smelling, fresh scent that makes it hard for one to believe a fogger was just sprayed in the room. However, despite its alluring scent, it’s advisable to wait at least 2 hours before re-entering the house after spraying. During this time, the fogger will have dissipated, and the house will be sufficiently ventilated and safe to spend time in. Black Flag is sold in a pack of 6 aerosol cans, each holding 1.25 oz of product. And each can treats up to 2,000 cubic feet of space. So it’s easy to pre-determine how many cans you need for your house or the specific rooms you need to treat. Once treated, your space stays spider-free for up to 12 weeks on non-porous surfaces, which is, without a doubt, a good deal. Note that it is meant to be used indoors only.

What we liked: That it acts fast, killing spiders instantly. We also like that it has a lingering effect that keeps spiders away for up to 3 months.

What could be better: A variant that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use would make it a welcome option for treating spiders in many outdoor spaces.


Hot Shot Fogger With Odor NeutralizerGood for Indoors

  • Active ingredient: tetramethrin, cypermethrin
  • Volume: 3*2 oz
  • Active period: 2 months

More features: 2000 ft3 active area, no wet residue, ventilate for at least 2 hours

If you’re dealing with a heavy spider infestation, Hot Shot Fogger6 may be your best shot at getting them under control, as it is arguably the best fogger for killing spiders, particularly where the spider population is high. The active ingredients in the product are tetramethrin and cypermethrin, two fast-acting neurotoxins that work by inhibiting nerve cell function, causing paralysis. As a result, spiders die immediately when they come in contact with the product. It is recommended that you spray this fogger in enclosed spaces, meaning you can only use it indoors. What we liked about the Hot Shot Fogger6 formulation is that it does not leave a wet residue, so it’s not messy. Give yourself two hours after spraying and ensure proper ventilation in the room before you can re-enter the space. It has a residual effect that lasts 2 months, so you will enjoy a spider-free house for at least 8 weeks following treatment. Have a big house that you wish to treat? No problem, because this is available in a pack of three 2-oz cans. Each canister treats 2,000 cubic feet of space, meaning that with one pack, you can treat up to 6,000 cubic feet of active area. The product has odor neutralizer which gets rid of the chemical smell, leaving behind a neutral scent that makes the space comfortable to re-occupy post treatment.

What we liked: The instant action that kills spiders on contact.

What could be better: Dual indoor and outdoor use.

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Spectracide 100046128Best Value

  • Active ingredient: tetramethrin, cypermethrin
  • Volume: 6*2 oz
  • Active period: 2 weeks

More features: no wet residue, ventilate for at least 2 hours, 2000 ft3 active area, kills on contact

Looking for the best indoor spider fogger for spiders? Try Spectracide 100046128, an insecticide formulated specifically for indoor use. It’s especially effective in controlling heavy infestations and uses tetramethrin and cypermethrin to kill spiders on contact. One of the things we liked most about this fogger is that it is water-based and therefore does not leave a sticky residue on spraying it, neither does it leave stains. The product doesn’t leave an undesirable odor either, which makes it  possible for you to re-occupy the room in comfort following treatment. Just be sure to allow 2 hours for sufficient ventilation to make the room safe to use. While the tetramethrin and cypermethrin concentrations in the product are safe for humans, as a precaution, it is recommended that you minimize exposure to them. Spectracide comes in a value pack of 6 canisters, each holding 2 oz of insecticide. Each bottle treats an area measuring 2,000 cubic feet, so the complete pack will serve you well if you’re treating a large area. Only thing—which is not really a deal breaker—is that treatment only lasts 2 weeks, so you may need to reapply multiple times to see complete eradication. And if you’re spraying a wide area, you’ll use up the 6 cans in no time. But given the product’s efficacy, it’s likely that you’ll only need one or two applications—like in our case—to completely get rid of spiders.

What we liked: Fast action, effective work. It truly leaves no residue and you won’t ever smell anything after use.

What could be better: Lasts for 2 weeks only.


Petra Electric Disinfecting FoggerBest Electric Fogger

  • Spraying range: 8-10 ft spraying range
  • Volume: 4 gal
  • Motor power: 1200 W

More features: automatic sprayer, adjustable dispenser, commercial hose

Petra Electric Disinfecting Fogger works great if you want to treat a large area effortlessly and within a short time. It is an electric fogger, so it has the advantage of covering more ground faster and more efficiently than a manual sprayer would. It’s powered by a 1,200 W motor which sprays up to 8-10 meters and is powerful enough to ensure maximum fogging. You can change the rate of spraying to what you prefer by adjusting the screen. The average particle size is 20-50 microns, meaning this fogger is perfect for ultra-low volume spraying and will efficiently kill spiders, including in highly-infested areas. The tank holds 4 gallons of insecticide, a size that ensures you don’t constantly refill your insecticide. And because the mouth is wide, filling up the tank is quick and mess-free. Plus, it opens and closes with ease, so there will be no spillage. If you’re always put off by how short the hose on domestic-use foggers is, you’ll love this Petra fogger because the hose is anything but; it’s a commercial hose, so it’s much longer than you’ve come to expect and allows you to spray high above you and in hard-to-reach places. The straps, too, are strong and comfortable, and they make the fogger easy to use. As a bonus, you get a free, battery-powered, automatic handheld sprayer that you can attach to your cleaning bottles.

What we liked: The powerful motor and long hose which allow you to spray a distance of up to 10 meters.

What could be better: We like everything about this bug bomb for spiders.

  • Active ingredient: cypermethrin
  • Volume: 3*2.1 oz
  • Active period: 6 months

More features: 7000 ft3 active area, money back guarantee, no wet residue, ventilate for at least 30 min

Raid Max Fogger uses the power of cypermethrin to kill spiders instantly. Choose this if you wish to eliminate more than just spiders, since it is designed to kill all kinds of bugs, with the exception of bed bugs. With a 1.17% cypermethrin concentration, it is the best fogger for roaches and spiders, efficiently eliminating heavy bug infestations with a single application. It is formulated to penetrate deep into surfaces for the best results. It’s made in a house-friendly formulation that does not leave a wet residue or stains, and so you can conveniently use it anywhere in your house, including spraying on light-colored furniture and other surfaces. To ensure safety post treatment, you should ventilate the treated area for at least 30 minutes, with the manufacturer recommending that you wait for up to 4 hours before re-entering the room just to be sure that it’s fully aired out; then the room will be safe for use. This is especially important if you have children and/or pets, who may react to the insecticide. The upside to this obviously high efficacy is that it gives you 6 months of protection from spiders and other bugs. Product comes in a 3-bottle pack, with each can treating up to 7,000 cubic feet of space.

What we liked: That it’s a multi-insect killer and will eradicate most bugs found in houses, not just spiders.

What could be better: It might take two foggings for it to be effective against spiders

  • Active ingredient: tetramethrin, permethrin, piperonyl butoxide
  • Volume: 3*6 oz
  • Active period: 4 months

More features: 6000 ft3 active area, odorless, kills on contact, no residue

Durvet No-Bite combines the potent power of tetramethrin, permethrin, and piperonyl butoxide to kill spiders instantly. It works by paralysing the insect and inhibiting respiratory function, effectively killing spiders as soon as they come in contact with the insecticide. It’s a deep-penetration fogger that will neutralize bugs right inside their hideouts. This water-based formulation is gentle on your fingers and your household surfaces and won’t cause stains, since it does not leave any oily or wet residue. Moreover, it has no odor, so it won’t disrupt your indoor routine for long. Give the room at least 30 minutes to air out after spraying, and then you can re-enter the space and carry on with your activities. It keeps your treated spaces free from bugs for up to 4 months, making it one of the best spider bombs for long-term treatment. And if you’re hoping to treat a large area, this is certainly the pack to choose because it contains three 6 oz canisters, each having the capacity to treat up to 6,000 cubic feet of space.

What we liked: Its fast action, killing spiders on contact. We especially like that it’s odorless.

What could be better: It does not wipe out heavy infestations entirely, perhaps because the concentration isn’t high enough.

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  • Active ingredient: cypermethrin
  • Volume: 3*2 oz
  • Active period: 12 weeks

More features: 2000 ft3 active area, ventilate for at least 2 hours

If you want an insect bomb for spiders that protects you from bugs for at least 3 months, consider HARRIS Indoor Insect Fogger. It uses cypermethrin to kill bugs, and while its description says it kills insects on contact, it does take a few minutes for some bugs to succumb. Nonetheless, the results are impressive as it eliminates most insects on that first application. And even better, it penetrates deep inside crevices and other hard-to-reach areas, eliminating eggs and bugs that might be in hiding. It has a residual effect and will keep your interiors bug free for about 12 weeks, after which you can reapply the fogger for sustained protection. This specific pack comes with three 2-oz canisters, so you get a total of 6 oz. Quite small by comparable products, given that each can only covers 2,000 cubic feet of space. If you have a large house or intend to treat a large space, this specific pack may be too small—and hence uneconomical for you. But if treating a small area, it works just fine, especially because you won’t need to reapply for 3 months. After applying the fogger, wait 2 hours before re-entering the room.

What we liked: That it acts on different insects and stays active for up to 3 months.

What could be better: Bigger canisters would ensure wider coverage.

  • Active ingredient: tetramethrin, (S)-cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl-(S)-4-chloro-alpha-(1-methyulethyl)benzeneacetate
  • Volume: 6 oz
  • Active period: not specified

More features: no odor, 6000 ft3 active area, ventilate for at least 2 hours, no stains

Kinzua Environmental Punch Bug Bomb works on a wide range of insects and bugs that commonly infiltrate our homes, from spiders to roaches, fleas, and houseflies. In fact, it is the best fogger for brown recluse spiders, which can be hard to nail with some insecticides. The active compounds in this product responsible for killing bugs are the synthetic pyrethroids esfenvalerate and tetramethrin. It’s formulated to eliminate the heaviest of infestations and works without leaving any film residue, making it an ideal choice for any room as it’s not messy and it won’t stain surfaces. Being odorless, it won’t suffocate you or make it unbearable for you to re-occupy your indoor spaces after treatment. But you still need to wait 2 hours after setting off the bomb for the room to air out. The 6-ounce canister is quite economical, treating an area that measures 6,000 cubic feet. Although the manufacturer does not specify the product’s active period, it’s clear this insect bomb for spiders has some lingering effects since bugs seems to disappear after application. What’s not in doubt is that it is effective, but you’ll need to monitor your bug situation to see how long you’ll stay bug free to know how often you can reapply. One thing that stood out for us is that it is EPA-registered and certified. So you know its efficacy and your safety is not compromised.

What we liked: That it acts on different bugs fast. Also, that it is EPA-certified, therefore you’re assured of its quality.

What could be better: The active period is not clear

Things to Consider

With the right spider killer, you should rid your house and other interior spaces of bugging spiders in just hours. We’ve created this buying guide to give you all the information you need to know which fogger works in what situation—for example, when there’s low infestation versus high infestation—and how best to use spider bombs to keep your environment bug free.

How spider foggers work

Spider foggers work by releasing insecticide in the form of a fine mist, which when released continuously looks like a cloud, hence the name ‘fog’. In this state, the vaporous cloud can penetrate into crevices where spiders and insects hide, thereby eliminating them completely.

Before setting off the fogger, open doors and cabinet doors, and remove any items that might inhibit air flow so the fumes can infiltrate the entire room. When you’re ready, set the fogger on a stable surface—some foggers come with a stabilizing base which prevents them from falling over. If yours doesn’t have such a stabilizer, set it on an even surface; chances of the canister tipping over when undisturbed are low. Tilt the can away from your face, push the activation button down until it locks, and then exit the room. Because this is a total-release aerosol, the fogger will begin to spray as soon as the button is pushed down and locked into place and will not stop until it releases all its contents.

8 Awesome Foggers for Spiders - They Won't Enter Your House Again

Safety advice before using spider bombs

Because the aerosol mist released by foggers is flammable, you must turn off and unplug all electrical and gas appliances and ignition points in the house before using the fogger. Remove the batteries in any battery-operated gadgets. Shut off the air conditioning and heating vents so they don’t circulate the toxic fumes from the fogger in the house.

Cover all surfaces you wouldn’t want to come in contact with the insecticide fumes, including wooden floors, delicate furniture, toiletries, and toys with newspapers or plastic sheeting.

Take the kids outside, as well as indoor plants and pets, including fish tanks if you have fish. Turn on the spider bomb(s) and leave the house.

Wait the recommended amount of time before re-entering the house, and when you do, open windows and doors to properly ventilate the house. Leave these open until any lingering insecticide smell disappears. And wash or clean any surfaces and items that were exposed to the fumes to get rid of any insecticide residue.

How to prevent spider nesting

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get rid of spiders. It can be as simple as regularly cleaning your indoor spaces. Cleaning gets rid of spider eggs, nymphs, and webs, and tackles the spider problem from the root. If you feel that you don’t clean frequently enough to get rid of spider nests, you can opt to use an insecticide, a spider bomb or fogger.

Features to consider while buying the best foggers for spiders

Here’s what to look for in a fogger for best results:

Area of use

Some spider foggers are formulated for use in specific areas. Some are specifically meant for use inside cabinets, in garages, in the attic, in storage areas, in trash areas and dumpsters, or in pet sleeping areas. Choosing the right fogger for the area you want to treat ensures the best outcome. Buy the right fogger for where you want to treat not just for efficacy but for your health and safety’s sake, too. For instance, the insecticide concentration in a fogger meant for the trash area may be higher than that of a home storage area or general home use. Spraying such a product around your living and sleeping quarters may leave a higher amount of residue than is safe for human and pet health.

Indoor or outdoor

Spider foggers can be for indoor or outdoor use. Always check the label before buying to ensure that you’re choosing the right product for each environment. Usually, the fogger can only be used either indoors or outdoors, but there are a few foggers that can be used in both settings. If you wish to treat both your indoor and outdoor spaces, it may be economical to choose one of these.

8 Awesome Foggers for Spiders - They Won't Enter Your House Again

Active components

The active components in spider foggers are responsible for eliminating spiders and insects. The most common active components used in spider bombs are pyrethroids, most of which are synthetic. These mimic natural pyrethroids which attack various organs and systems in the insect’s body, leading to its death.

Fogger type

The type of fogger determines how easy it is to apply, whether it is an irritant, and whether it leaves a messy residue or not. Water-based foggers are the easiest to use and don’t leave behind a messy residue. This would be in comparison to oil-based foggers. By the same token, odorless foggers are also friendlier than those with an enduring smell.


A good fogger will eliminate all spiders and keep them away for some time. You won’t achieve 100% elimination with some foggers, but a 95% efficacy rate is good enough. You can raise this to 100% with a second application within the timeframe recommended by the manufacturer.


Spider bombs are largely affordable, with prices ranging from $10 for a single canister to several hundred dollars for multi-canister packs of different sizes. The more and bigger the cans in a pack, the higher the price will be. You can save money by buying value packs, which often contain more and usually bigger canisters.


Ensure that the fogger is easy to spray so you don’t struggle with pressing the activation knob. More importantly, the knob should easily lock in place to activate the spraying function. And because foggers are highly inflammable, they should come with comprehensive safety precautions and user instructions.


Yes. This is because children’s and animals’ lungs are more sensitive to chemical toxicity. To protect children and animals from spider fog residue harm, wipe down any surfaces that were exposed to the fumes during application or wash them in soap and water.

Eventually, yes. Most foggers offer protection for 4-24 weeks depending on the active components used and their concentration. Over time, however, the components break down completely, leaving the area bare for spiders to nest and breed again. You can prevent this by reapplying the fogger once the active period lapses.

Our Verdict

Our editor’s pick is Black Flag 11079, which earns the top spot thanks to its fast-acting mechanism and instant results. We like that it has a residual effect that lasts up to 3 months. Other good features are that it’s easy to use and is available in a value pack.

Our second choice is Hot Shot Fogger6, which we like because of its fast-acting mechanism and odorless application, all thanks to the added odor neutralizer. We like that its effects last up to 8 weeks. The three-can pack means you can apply it over a wide area.

Our third best fogger for spiders is Spectracide 100046128, earning a spot among the best for its user-friendly water-based formulation. What makes it stand out is its fast-acting, odorless, non-staining formula. We also like that it comes in a pack of 6 canisters, and at a competitive price.

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