How Long Do Spiders Live? Here’s the Answer!

The lifespan of a spider depends on many things. Their homes, species, and other elements might impact how long spiders live.
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There are many different types of spiders out there and they all have different characteristics and lifespans. If you’re wondering how long do spiders live, there are a lot of different factors that play into this answer. While there are some species that can live as long as 20 years, the majority don’t even live for a full year.

Of course, this can be affected by different things, including the type of spider they are and any potential risks that they are exposed to. There are a number of elements that might dictate just how long a spider lives.

Most people don’t care for spiders, particularly if there are infestations in their homes, and typically will take action against spiders to protect their homes and businesses. Read this guide to learn more about a spider’s lifespan.

Spiders Lifespan

Let’s first talk about how the cycle of life works for a spider. This will give us some insight as to how long they might live. They start as eggs and then grow. Some like to live in the ground while others create open webs or hide away in dark places.

There will be various factors that make a difference here. Remember that the different species of spiders could have different anticipated lifespans as well.


How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
Spider eggs generally take a few weeks to hatch.

Every spider first starts out as an egg. Grown female spiders will lay eggs and generally lay many eggs at one time. Their eggs could be tucked safely into a nest or even in the ground in a hole or a tunnel. Some spiders create silken, woven pods to hold the eggs and then hide them away in various places.

When it’s time, the eggs will hatch and numerous young spiders will emerge.

Young Spiders

Young spiders are also known as spiderlings. This is just the beginning of their young lives. They are much the same as when they are full-grown but smaller at this time. When the eggs hatch, there may be only one or two spiders but there could be several hundred young spiders.

When they are born, they take hold of strands of silk or web and float away to their own locations, instantly leaving the nest behind.


Unless a young spider meets their demise through something like the best outdoor spider sprays, they will eventually become adults. You will find that sprays like these have a lot of options to deter spiders, with one of the most highly recommended solutions being Wet & Forget from Miss Muffet’s Revenge.

Adult spiders will live various lengths of time, depending on the species, which we will talk about shortly. However, the longest ever recorded lived more than 40 years.

Jumping Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
Female jumping spiders tend to live longer than males.

A jumping spider will take you by surprise with their jumping skills. They typically have bodies that are short and wide and their eyes are quite large. Thanks to those large eyes, they have really great eyesight, which might help them to live just a little bit longer than some species out there. They can see you coming, even when you have a sneak attack with something like Wondercide to keep indoor pests at bay.

How long do jumping spiders live? Well, these spiders have relatively short lifespans that are only about six months to two years.

Wolf Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
Females are commonly larger than males within a single species.

Some people say wolf spiders are good spiders because they eat bad spiders. However, if you’ve ever seen one, they are called wolf spiders because they get rather large and that can be intimidating. If you feel the only good spider is a dead spider, you can try traps for spiders to capture the scary wolf spider.

Despite their large size, these spiders typically only live up to one year, although the female might be able to live much longer and grow much larger.

Black Widow Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
The life cycle of a black widow spider can be divided into 3 stages: eggs, spiderlings and adults.

Black widow spiders are very poisonous, making them very dangerous as well. There are different types of black widows but most of them are denoted by their black bodies with a red dot on their back. If you see these, you should avoid them and make sure your home is not infested with them. If you get bit, seek medical care immediately.

If you’re wondering how long black widows live, the average lifespan of black widow spiders is anywhere from one to three years.

Brown Recluse Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
The brown recluse spider has been known to live up to two years in captivity.

How long do brown recluse spiders live? These spiders have another short lifespan that is only about an average of 1-2 years. This is another very poisonous spider to be aware of. They are common in homes, garages, sheds, and attics.

If you notice these hanging around anywhere, you will want to use something like the best foggers for spiders to help get rid of them and protect your property and family. They have a short lifespan but they can be very dangerous.

Cellar Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
It usually takes a year for the adult to develop from the egg.

Cellar spiders are large spider that typically minds their own business. They are known as cellar spiders because those are their favorite types of locations. They like to hide in quiet corners or cool locations. They are relatively harmless but they tend to be large and have really long legs. They can bite, though so be mindful of this.

Curious about how long do cellar spiders live? Their maximum lifespan is typically only about two years.

Daddy Long Leg Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
Male daddy longlegs typically lives for about one year and die after mating. Females can live for three years.

Daddy long legs are often described as spiders because they look so much like them. But the truth is they are not really spiders at all. They are part of the arachnid family. These spiders that aren’t spiders can bite but they have no venom in them whatsoever, despite old myths that they are venomous but can’t bite. These spiders have long legs, which is why they have the nickname daddy long legs.

So how long do daddy long-leg spiders live? They can live slightly longer with average lives of two to seven years.

Huntsman Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
The lifespan of most Huntsman species is about only two years.

This type of spider is born to be a hunter. They are quick and they can grow to be pretty large. Their colors are grays and browns and they sometimes are easily mistaken for wolf spiders. In terms of how long huntsman spiders live, the average is about two and a half years.

Wild Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
The arachnid is known for its longest lifespan of 28 years.

Wild spiders are those that are born in the wild or typically live in the wild. Most of them have slightly lower lifespans because of the elements of the wild. However, when they are able to camouflage or hide and hunt, they live much longer. Most spiders in the wild live longer years, particularly tarantulas, which can live up to 20 years.

Orb Weaver Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
In areas with cold winters, the female orb weaver will lay a large clutch in the fall and wrap it in thick silk. She will die when the first frost arrives, leaving her babies to hatch in the spring.

Orb weaver spiders are commonly also known as garden spiders. These are outdoor spiders and are also known for helping to get rid of poisonous spiders, as well as bugs and pests. Wondering how long do orb weaver spiders live? They have short lifespans of only about one year.

Joro Spiders

How Long Do Spiders Live? Here's the Answer!
Joro spiders mature in early September, mate, lay eggs and then typically die by late November.

Joro spiders are another outdoor spider. They are known for being large with black and yellow coloring. They make large webs outside. Again, they are known for keeping bugs and flies away. They live similarly to orb weaver spiders. If you’re curious how long joro spiders live, these species typically only live about one year as well.

How Long Can They Live Without Food and Water?

Spiders do not have to eat very often in order to sustain themselves. They can hide away for long periods of time, which perhaps enhances how long they live in some cases. While the amount of time they can survive without any food or water will differ, most species can survive anywhere from 30 to 60 days without any type of sustenance.

Final Thoughts

In answering how long do spiders live, we find that there is quite a range of timeframes they can survive. Most large spiders will live longer because they can survive longer without food. However, it all depends on the environment they are in, as well as other factors that could put their lives at risk.

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