How to Get Rid Of Ghost Ants Naturally – 6 Easy Ways

In this article, you'll learn all the techniques you need to identify and free your home from ghost ants.
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Ghost ants are some of the smallest ants you’ll never want to have in and around your home. But if you know how to get rid of ghost ants, you’ll be building a good defense for your home. Floridians are always looking for tips on how to get rid of ghost ants in Florida. And this is simply because these species of ants are very prevalent in Florida.

But even if you’re not in Florida, there’s no guarantee that your home is free from being infested by these ants. Like other species of ants, these little buggers can be very uncomforting. And if you are not careful enough, you may end up sharing your kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces in your home with them. Nevertheless, this article will provide you with every important detail you should know about these ants. And how to get rid of ghost ants in a car and at home.

What Do Ghost Ants Look Like

How to Get Rid Of Ghost Ants Naturally - 6 Easy Ways

Although ghost ants cannot wreak structural havoc on your buildings, they’re very hard to eliminate. These super tiny ants are always on the move seeking warmth. And they’re multi-colored. However, they’re not so easy to identify and spot. This is due to their light coloring and small size. Their color and small size also make people mistake them for pharaoh ants or sugar ants.

Ghost ants are easily found in the United States, especially in Florida. They also thrive in tropical conditions and greenhouses.

Here are some of the characteristics of ghost ants:

  • They have 12 antennae segments.
  • They possess light abdomen and legs. that can be cream, tan, or yellow.
  • Their thorax has no hairs or spines.
  • Their thorax and head are dark brown.
  • They are usually about 1.3 to 1.5 mm long.

If you found out that you’re dealing with another type of ants, read our reviews on the best carpenter ant killers and the best fire ant killers.

Signs of Ghost Ants

Ghost ants truly have a way of crawling. And luckily for them, they have a color and size that help them to be less noticeable. These ants take things slow unless you disturb them. But they can also emulate the erratic movement of their favorite sibling, crazy ants if their activity is disturbed.

Although these ants prefer to stay outdoors where they can enjoy better protection, they also wouldn’t mind checking what’s good indoors.

Here are some places where you’ll always find them:

  • Around protected debris
  • Under logs
  • Beneath loose tree bark
  • Under stones
  • Floors, counters, around the sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens

If you have vegetation, you should keep a close eye on it because these ants can create a nest around them. What is more worrisome is that they can use this vegetation as an opportunity to get into your house.

Ghost ants will always use whatever opportunity they find to nest and are always on the go.

While you check the areas of your home, it’s recommended that you use a high-powered flashlight to inspect closely for movement and not active trails. You will also be quick to notice an ant activity when you use some extra light in daylight.

How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants: 6 Methods

The treatment of ghost ants infestation is a very delicate one. And this is simply because these ants are budding. They’re called budding ants because of their ability to re-emerge stronger after an attempt to control them with certain products.

In getting rid of these ants, you should chill a bit on applying chemicals because these ants can become more resistant.

You may be asking, “how do I get rid of ghost ants in my kitchen if I don’t use chemicals?” Well, there are certain methods you can use to keep these ants out of your home and to ensure that they don’t come back stronger. Here are some of them:

Method 1: Trim Back Vegetation

Ghost ants are very active. They never get tired of looking for food. And they’ll gladly trail foundations and gutters. With their persistence and deliberate attitude, they often end up in homes.

Ghost ants are lovers of aphids, sticky substances, sweets, and honeydews. An easy way to keep these ants out of your house is by ensuring that the vegetation and plants in your house are well-trimmed.

If you have plants and trees with honeydew in your home, these ants might come for them. And in their bid to get a taste, they might be drawn to check out the indoors for more ‘sweet’ opportunities. Nevertheless, you don’t need to cut off your plants and vegetation. Make sure the plants, ivy, and tree branches are well-trimmed. And keep the border not too wide.

Method 2: Avoid Bringing Them in

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of bringing ghost ants in themselves. These ants create their colonies in the soil beneath potted plants. And, it’s these potted plants that some people carry inside their house. If you cannot keep your potted plants out, ensure you do a thorough inspection before bringing them in. More so, have your eyes fixed on any activity.

Method 3: Reduce Food Sources

If you’re looking for how to get rid of ghost ants naturally, this is a method you should consider. Ghost ants find sweet things to be irresistible. And if you have different sweet food sources available in and out of your home, these ants will be glad to say hi.

How to Get Rid Of Ghost Ants Naturally - 6 Easy Ways

Make sure you clean your room meticulously to keep your indoors free from invasion. Attractants like bits of sweets, sweet crumbs, and sticky pills will draw more ghost ants to your home.

Method 4: Attend to Moisture Issues

Just as humans need water to survive, ghost ants can’t also survive without water. And so, they’ll gladly chill around areas with moisture in your home. Due to this, you must inspect your home carefully and address any areas that need to be addressed.

While you should look out for leaks and condensation, do well to also look out for moisture-damaged wood. By addressing leaky hoses, reducing condensation, and checking that pipes are not leaking, you can stop creating ideal gates for these ants.

Method 5: Seal Them Out

You may be looking for how to get rid of ghost ants with borax. But, we’ll advise you to use this method if you’ve struggled with recurring interior ant issues. The activity you’re noticing, and the nature of your house can determine how you’ll seal up. But, this is what sealing these ants entails:

  • Prevent ants from entering by sealing cracks along baseboards
  • Make sure your door sweeps and window screens are perfectly installed and not damaged
  • All cracks and holes in the bathroom tiles should be sealed by caulking or silicone sealant
  • Ensure that you seal all the cracks and gaps around your window sills

The concept of sealing ants is a very natural and effective method that will save you from the hassle of using chemicals.

Method 6: Don’t Spray; Use Baits

It’s very easy to feel tempted to spray immediately after you notice ants infest your house.

However, we’ll not advise that you do so immediately. Spraying is usually not the best option to go for. Especially if you’re trying to get rid of budding ants such as pharaoh ants, sugar ants, and ghost ants. A simple DIY treatment can suffice. Rather than purchasing a chemical spray, get gel bait. These baits offer a very low risk. And they’re more effective in poisoning ants colonies. We also revieved some of the best pet safe ant killers so you can use the most effective treatments safely for your furry friends.

Nevertheless, make sure you’re strategic with your baits. If your bait is in an area where it’s not being feasted on, do well to make some changes. A little experiment doesn’t hurt. What’s essential is that you avoid spraying anything.

Final Thoughts

Ghost ants aren’t usually easy to deal with. But even so, removing them completely isn’t an impossible task. If you live in Florida or in some other areas where they’re common, you must practice prevention tips. And if your area isn’t a usual habitat for these ant species, you still need to maintain proper cleanliness to keep ants away from your home.

Ghost ants may look very tiny, but they can cause a lot of inconvenience. These tiny ants can build their nests at different corners and vulnerable places around your home. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself sharing your spaces with them.

With the right knowledge of how to get rid of ghost ants, you can keep your home free from the infestation of these ants. And don’t forget to be meticulous about treating these budding ants.

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