How to Get Rid Of Piss Ants in the House or Yard

There's nothing lovely about piss ants. Read on to know everything about these species of ants and how to treat and control them.
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Piss ants will always try to piss you off. If you don’t know how to get rid of these ants, you will not enjoy the serenity you deserve. Imagine coming back home after a long day at work. You enter your room, and just to lie down for some seconds, you’re greeted by an army of these ants. Wouldn’t you feel pissed off? Of course, you will.

Your home should be your safe space. And, you deserve all the peace and tranquility you need. Not just for peace, but for health too. These ants can compromise the safety of your health because of their relentless activities in dirty places. And before you know it, you’ll find them roaming around dark areas, near pipes, waste cans, in sweet jars, in foods, and in cupboards. Thankfully, this article will teach you how to get rid of piss ants in your home and the different methods you can use.

Understanding Piss Ants

These ants have formic acid in them. And due to this, they give a displeasing odor when they’re squeezed. These ants got their name due to their production of urine. And though ants aren’t usually longer, these piss ants are some of the smallest you’ll find around.

Pharaoh ants, sugar ants, or odorous house ants are other names piss ants are called.

These ants can have hundreds and up to thousands of ants in their colonies. And, they’re a multi-queened species. Piss ants are not very selective when choosing their nesting area. And you can find their colonies in places like loose soil, beneath stacked firewood, deserted termite and carpenter ant nests, damaged insulation, around leaky faucets, under appliances, and wall voids.

Just like ghost ants, piss ants are also budding ants. And this means that they can leave a particular area when they observe that something is wrong. And they’ll proceed to build their nest in a distinct corner. When dealing with ants like these, you must be careful so that budding doesn’t occur. If this happens, these ants will grow outrageously and spread far beyond expectation.

What Do Piss Ants Look Like?

How to Get Rid Of Piss Ants in the House or Yard

It’s very important to be sure you’re dealing with piss ants. And, you can’t be fully sure if you don’t know what these ants look like. Piss ants can come in different colors. They can be black, reddish-brown, or light yellow. Speaking of size, they’re very small. They search for food and sense danger with the help provided by their antennae and three pairs of legs. These ants have an abdomen that’s carved with bands or markings. And they possess three segments.

While the male piss ants are usually black-winged, the bodies of the females are orange-colored. Piss ants enjoy traveling in small cracks because of their small size. Outdoors, hospitals, apartments, hotels, grocery stores, and any moist and warmer areas are where they love to be.

Your kitchen, in particular, is an enticing place for them. But you can always keep your kitchen safe and healthy if you’re versed in getting rid of piss ants in the kitchen.

How Dangerous Are Piss Ants?

Knowing how to get rid of piss ants in the house will do you good. But, can these ants truly damage your house? The straight answer is yes. Piss ants look so small, but the evil they do is bigger than their size. Your household and food supplies will suffer great damage if you leave these ants to gallivant in your home.

Aside from the fact that they can waste your food, they can also transport viruses and bacteria into your home.

This is simply because they have a lot of “fun time” in dirty places. Speaking of your household items, these ants can pack themselves in your wooden ceilings, cupboards, furniture, and some other wooden items you have. And as they keep growing rapidly, they’ll continue to wreak more damage. They can go further to create holes in your cabinets and make the walls of your home ugly with their nests.

Various Methods to Get Rid of Piss Ants

There are different methods you can use to get rid of these pesky piss ants. We’ll be categorizing these methods into two. And they are:

  • Chemical and biological method
  • Home remedies

Method 1: Chemical and Biological Methods

Chemical and biological methods are popular treatment methods for piss ants infestation. But due to the budding nature of these ants, we advise that you use your discernment to select your choice of treatment carefully. Especially after you’ve determined how scattered the colonies are in your home.

1. Killer Spray

Killer sprays shouldn’t be the first option you should go for immediately after you notice an infestation. However, some quality killer sprays by Raid are powerful enough to kill instantly and prevent budding.

You’ll find different kinds of killer sprays on the market. But ensure that the spray you’re purchasing is best suitable for killing piss ants. These sprays can also help to control the ants in your yard. But make sure you read the provided instructions on how to get rid of piss ants in the yard effectively.

2. Ant Baits

How to Get Rid Of Piss Ants in the House or Yard

Ants are always looking for what to eat. With baits, you can use what they like to cause their end. From sugar and fat-based baits to greasy protein-based baits, there are different varieties of attractants you can use to set up these ants. These baits may look very attractive to the ants, but unknown to them, they contain pesticides.

Once they eat these baits, they’ll be poisoned. Just make sure you place the baits in a strategic place that’s not far from the colony. If you seek a method to get rid of piss ants that is safe for pets, you shouldn’t consider this option. And this is because your pets can wander around and eat these poisonous baits where you placed them.

3. Insect Repellent Plants

You can send those piss ants in your home packing by using herbs. If you’ve got tansy, peppermint, or plant sage in your home, now is the time to put them into use.

These plants can help to keep these pests away from your home. And this is because they secrete phytochemicals, which repel insects. A simple mixture of eight ounces of water with 20 drops of essential oil will help you make a very effective insecticide spray.

Method 2: Using Home Remedies

Many homeowners are always looking to get rid of piss ants naturally. And this is simply because home remedies are very economical. Plus, they’re safe. Here are some home remedies methods you can use to get rid of piss ants in your home:

1. Lemon Juice Spray or White Vinegar

How to Get Rid Of Piss Ants in the House or Yard

You can create your repelling spray without having to use chemicals. Just get a spray bottle and get your mixture ready. Your mixture should contain both vinegar and water. Once it’s done, spray your entrance areas, especially those you suspect are their regular entrance. Note that this spray will only keep these ants away from your home. It will not kill them.

2. Sugar and Boric Acid

Homeowners use this home remedy a lot to kill piss ants permanently. And it’s super effective. Unlike the vinegar and water that only repel, this method will kill. Get your mixture ready. That is, your boric acid and sugar. Place them at strategic places where these ants will want to have a sip. Piss ants cannot escape the sting of death of this sticky solution.

3. Soap Spray

This home remedy is one of the easiest to prepare. And thankfully, it works pretty well. Add 1 cup of vegetable oil to a tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and your mixture is ready. However, make sure you mix them very well. You’ll need a spray bottle to apply this solution. Now, you can use this spray on the nests and the ants directly.

4. Aromatic Plants

Piss ants are not a fan of bay leaves, cloves, garlic, and cucumber. These little pests do not like their strong odor. And they’ll always do whatever they can to escape from this smell. Aromatic plants can be a nice treatment to control piss ants in your yard. It will discourage these ants from creating their nests. And, the plant’s perfume will gradually drive them away from the surroundings of your home.

5. Boric Acid and Honey

This is a do-it-yourself bait that is very natural. Without sweating the whole stuff, a fine mixture of boric acid and honey will do the eradicating trick. Look for the holes these ants use to access your home. And place these DIY baits there. The smell of the honey will tempt them to have a taste. And once they succumb to the trap, they’ll die.

6. Ground Coffee

How to Get Rid Of Piss Ants in the House or Yard

This is another method you can use to repel piss ants. Piss ants do not like the smell of ground coffee. So, sprinkling coffee around strategic areas of your home will help to keep these ants at bay.

7. Eliminate Food and Water

This is a very easy way to eradicate piss ants. But then, you must thoroughly clean to eliminate these water and food sources. Your kitchen and restroom are areas you’ll want to focus on. And this is because these places are usually active with food and water.

In the spirit of thorough cleaning, here are some tips you can make use of:

  • Remove excess moisture by wiping down any wet surfaces.
  • Ensure that all your foods are well sealed in airtight containers.
  • Clean up the plates of your pet after eating. And store your pet’s food in an airtight container.
  • Dirty surfaces, laundry, and dishes should be washed or removed.
  • Surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, such as countertops and shelves, should be wiped.
  • Clear out small particles like spills and crumbs under your appliances.

Final Thoughts

Piss ants smell like urine when squashed. And they’re always hustling for attractants like leftovers and sugary foods. Moist places are where they usually love to be. But even so, they wouldn’t mind managing other cozy spaces they find available in your room if you allow them. Entertaining these ants in your house isn’t a wise decision.

While they can compromise your health by transferring germs and ugly bacteria to your home, they can also spoil your food. So, do well to keep these ants as far as they can be from your home. With the proper knowledge of how to get rid of piss ants, you can make your home the safe space it should be. And, you can walk around your home more enjoyably without being cornered by these pesky pests.

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