How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them

Spiders are a nuisance and for some people they incite fear. These tricks can help keep them out of your room!
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Last updated: August 17, 2023
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No matter how amazing your sleeping space can be, there could still be one thing that completely ruins a good night’s sleep. That one thing is spiders. No one wants to worry about spiders in their bedroom, whether they are harmless or not. If you’re wondering how to keep spiders out of your room look no further.

Most homes experience spiders at some point or another. But when they come into our bedroom and we know they could be near us in our sleep, it’s an unpleasant thought. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to help keep spiders out of your bedroom.

These tips are designed to repel spiders and keep them away. Maybe then you can rest peacefully! Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do Spiders Come into My Room?

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Spiders can enter buildings through doors, windows, air vents, and other openings.

Spiders want a place where they feel safe and comfortable and it’s this particular attribute that often drives them to enter a home, despite being unwelcome. They like warmth and they will always be on the lookout for a good hiding spot.

This is why they can be found in dark corners, attics, garages, under the house, and other similar places. Spiders are attracted to that coziness your home provides. And your room happens to be part of the home so they will most likely also find their way there too.

Some people make a habit of annually using the best foggers for spiders to try to kill any hanging out and keep them away completely and this can be quite effective. Of course, there are other options too.

Ways to Keep Spiders Away from Your Room

Perhaps you can tolerate the spiders that get into your house but when they come to your bedroom, it’s simply crossing the line. There are some simple things that you can do to keep them at bay but you might also want to consider some natural repellent products too.

Take a look at some of these things that you can do.

Deep Clean the House

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
A clean house will significantly reduce populations because it will help to keep prey pests away.

Set up a time to deep clean your home. Of course, if your home was in desperate need of a cleaning, there might already be spiders lurking. Consider putting out some of the best traps for spiders to capture them and hopefully clear them out.

Block Entry Points

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Gaps, cracks, and holes can be filled with caulk, foam, cement, and steel wool.

One great method how to keep spiders out of your room is to block any type of entry point they might be using. This can be a challenge because spiders are small and sneaky. They can find their way in pretty easily. But if you seal up around the windows and make your space harder to access, you are less likely to meet them in your room.

Don’t Eat in Bed

Want to know how to keep house spiders out of your room? Stop eating in bed. You see, the spider wants food. While they don’t care about your crumbs, they might be interested in the other bugs and insects that are looking for your crumbs.

Turn off Lights

Many different insects out there are attracted to light. Whether you have a nightlight or just have regular lights on. Spiders often prefer dark, damp, warm places but they also really like insects. This means if you have lights on somewhere that are attracting those insects, you’re also sending a welcome signal to the spiders.

Keep Under the Bed Space Clean

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Spiders constantly look for warm and enclosed areas to make their home or hibernate during cold months.

When was the last time you cleaned under your bed? If you’re like the majority of people, it’s probably been a while. And chances are underneath the bed has either become a place for storage and junk or it’s really dusty down there.

One great method how to keep house spiders out of your room would be to clean up underneath the bed. Try to keep it tidy and organized, even if you do use it for storage.

Attach the Door Sweep

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Install a door sweep under all the doors that open to the outside and even your garage door.

A door sweep is a great barricade that can help to keep spiders out. This type of tool simply attaches an extra flap to your door. The flap closes the gap between the door and the floor, making less room for anything to squeeze through there.

Play Music

Spiders like quiet places and not a lot of extra noise. Playing music actually can be a deterrence or repellent to spiders. If you want to keep them out of your room, try playing music in there to help scare them off.

Remove Spider Webs

A spider web is a spider home. If you see a web, knock it down and remove it. Leaving the web there tells the spider they are welcome in your space. Our guess is if you’re reading this article, they aren’t actually welcome.

Fix Leaks

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Take some time to follow other good pest prevention strategies, such as sealing gaps, fixing broken screens, and repairing leaks.

Moisture can be an attractant for spiders. If you have leaks under the sink or under the home, this will inevitably attract them to that location. It’s also a dark and hidden spot so it’s a win for them. Fix the leaks and dry things up to help.

Seal up Cracks

Many homes have cracks and places that should be sealed up. It could help with energy efficiency but will also help to keep spiders out. For example, check around your windows and see if you notice any gaps or cracks.

Grab some caulking and seal up cracks or holes anywhere you find them.

Set a Dehumidifier

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
With spiders liking humid and dark areas, a dehumidifier can remove some of this moisture and, most likely, the spiders.

Spiders like moisture and running a dehumidifier pulls the excess moisture out of the air. Using an appliance like this might be good for how to keep spiders out of your room. This is about creating an environment that isn’t welcoming to them.

Use Natural Repellents

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
These eight-legged creatures hate the smell of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. They also don’t like peppermint oils, tea tree oils, eucalyptus, and vinegar.

There are a ton of natural things you can use to help repel spiders. If you don’t like the idea of using foggers or chemical sprays, this could be a great choice. This Mighty Mint repellent spray is a good find. They use peppermint oil to create a spray you can easily apply to keep spiders out.

Here are a few more.

  1. Vinegar: The acetic acid in vinegar gives spiders a bad reaction. To them, it is sour and smells terrible.
  2. Essential Oils: these oils (particularly peppermint oil) contain odors and elements that are distasteful to spiders. They will stay away because they just don’t like it.
  3. Citrus: for spiders, citrus works similarly to vinegar. There’s something about it that is pungent to a spider and will repel them.
  4. Chestnuts: this odd solution has something in it spiders don’t like. Some people will spread them around their homes or even put them along baseboards and windows to keep spiders out.
  5. Garlic: garlic breath can be pretty stout and apparently spiders don’t like it either. You use garlic for cooking but it keeps spiders well away.
  6. Cedar: this wood smells great and is easy to use or place. It also keeps spiders and various other bugs away. Sprinkle it around the outside or even in places inside. Some people make small bags of it to place in drawers or corners.

Clean the Garden Around Your House

Set your garden slightly away from your home. Then, make efforts to keep your garden pruned and cleaned up. If you have a flower garden, keep it clean and nice. You can also use one of these best outdoor spider sprays and spray it around the home and garden to help.

Attach Ultrasonic Repellents and Traps

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Ultrasonic devices claim to use ultra-high frequency sound waves to chase away birds, bats, rodents, and arthropod pests like fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, and even spiders.

One great tool that repels spiders as well as other pests is ultrasonic electric repellents. Options like this one from Sroker use an ultrasonic signal to keep all those unwanted pests out and keep them well away too.

Wash Your Bedding Regularly

Your bedding contains things like dead skin, sweat, grime, dust, and other dirt. Your bedding should be washed on a regular basis to help prevent spiders from making themselves at home with all the other crazy things that might be lurking.

It doesn’t matter how clean you are. Your bedding can get dirty quickly. Have more than one set of bedding so you can rotate them out and wash the various sets as needed.

Call in an Exterminator

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Room and Get Rid of Them
Where there is one spider, there will be many, and an exterminator can take care of the problem before it gets too out of hand.

If you feel as though you have a spider infestation or these solutions just aren’t doing the trick, you can always use an exterminator. These professionals can come into your home and treat the home both inside and outside.

Their specialized sprays will kill any spiders that might already be there but also will set up a barrier to help repel and keep spiders out of your home completely.

Final Thoughts

Some spiders are harmless but that doesn’t mean we want them crawling through our room or even on our beds. Our rooms are meant to be our safe spaces and the last thing we should have to worry about is whether a spider is going to be our friend when we’re sleeping.

Use these tips to learn how to keep spiders out of your room and out of your home. There are several options to try, including a variety of natural solutions that repel spiders without using chemicals or ugly traps in your home.

This is about protecting your sanity, as well as your home, from those pesky spiders. We know they are out there but we don’t have to open our rooms to them still!

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