What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard Problem

When you want to get rid of spiders, you have plenty of options in your home to help with the solution.
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Some people like spiders, and some people don’t. Some individuals can appreciate what they contribute to the world but know to be cautious, and others are completely terrified of them. No matter which category you fall into, you still want to know how to protect your home and family, particularly from the venomous spiders out there.

What household products kill spiders? There are a good number of things you likely have hanging out around your home to kill spiders. You can easily grab some of these DIY options, but you can also purchase some simple products that are easy to use as well.

In this guide, we will share with you several products that you might have hanging out in the closet or pantry and give you the tips you need to put them to use. Read on to learn more!

Household Products That Help to Get Rid of Spiders

Your home is loaded with valuable resources that you can use to protect yourself. Even if you like spiders, you still don’t want to allow them to run rampant in your home, right? If you don’t want to harm spiders, you can always take a more natural approach.

For example, someone who wants to eradicate and repel spiders might use something from the best foggers for spiders. But others who simply want to try to keep them away without chemicals could turn to this Mighty Mint spray or another DIY solution.

More about those home solutions is below!


Vinegar is a solution that many people keep in their homes. It has a lot of great benefits, including cleaning abilities. But it can also be used to repel spiders. Vinegar is primarily used as a repellent, but it could kill some spiders too. You will need to use it regularly for it to work its best.

Create a solution that is one part vinegar and two parts water. Put this in a spray bottle if you can. Spray that solution anywhere that spiders might hide. The recommendation is to use it once a week.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great tool. Baking soda doesn’t kill spiders usually, but it does help to repel them. This is another item you likely have in the pantry. It has cleaning benefits, but it can help repel spiders and insects from your home. It’s something about the odor that they simply don’t care for.

We recommend sprinkling a little bit in any of your problem areas.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemEssential Oils

Spiders can be sensitive to smells, which is one of the ways that you can find different means to repel them. One common combatant against spiders is a variety of essential oils. There are several different oils you could go with. For example, they don’t like anything with a citrus scent.

However, mint or peppermint oils are one of the most common essential oils to combat spiders. You can often dilute these with water and spray them around your home. These won’t kill spiders like the best outdoor spider sprays, but they can effectively repel them away.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemTurmeric

Want a household product that will actually kill spiders and not just repel them? When talking about what household products kill spiders, turmeric is one that passes the test here. Turmeric has a pungent odor again, and that’s what works. It will help to eliminate a variety of different pests, as well as spiders.

Turmeric can kill spiders and works really well to repel them as well.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemBorax

Borax is a great way to combat spiders without harsh chemicals as well. This is often used to create things like soaps or homemade cleaning products. The nice thing about borax is that it’s a natural mineral compound.

Borax will kill spiders as well as deter them. It also kills insects almost instantly, which means there won’t be as much food to attract spiders into your space.


There are certain times it may not be safe or smart to use ammonia. For example, it is not recommended for a pregnant person to be around. Ammonia has strong fumes and can sometimes react negatively to other chemicals (like bleach), so it’s important to use it with caution.

To use ammonia as a spider repellent, mix one-part ammonia with one part water and spray it where you think spiders might be hiding. Repeat the spray process every 2 weeks.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemApple Cider

Apple cider itself will likely not do a lot for you. However, spiders don’t really care for the scent of apples or cinnamon, so we suppose it could be an effective tool. At any rate, we recommend using apple cider vinegar to combat spiders.

The mixture has been shown to repel insects and will work quite well to repel spiders too.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemYeast Paste

Yeast paste is a combination of yeast paired together with some water. It will create a paste that you can then place in spider-hiding places. This won’t kill spiders, but they won’t appreciate the pungent odor and will stay well away.

You could also place some of the best traps for spiders nearby to capture any of the brave souls that try to sneak past.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemSoap and Water

Dish soap takes a unique approach to repel things like insects and therefore spiders too. You just need some quality dish soap that you can mix in a spray bottle with water. You can spray this mixture anywhere you want to repel. It primarily works by repelling insects.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemBleach

If you want a spider killer and not just a repellent, try bleach! Bleach has been known to be an effective pesticide on more than one occasion. It can be great in a pinch but don’t use this solution habitually. The fumes of bleach are not always safe, and it could also damage surfaces at times.

What Household Products Kill Spiders? Easy Solutions to a Hard ProblemDiatomaceous Earth

Finally, diatomaceous earth is a great option to try. One of the top choices is this natural option from the Diatomaceous Earth store. This will kill spiders that get into it, and it will also repel them away. It protects you in both ways.

Diatomaceous earth is well known for repelling and killing a number of different types of pests without being hazardous to humans unless it is used improperly.

The best way to use this product is to place some in hiding spots where spiders might be. You could place it in hidden nooks and crannies, under the home, or in those dark corners. You could also place it around the perimeter of your home for additional protection against those creepy crawlers.

What Attracts House Spiders?

The best way to keep spiders away is to simply not make them welcome. When spiders take up residence in your home, it’s because they find somewhere they feel safe and secure to hide out. This could be cracks in the walls, warm but moist areas, and cluttered spaces.

However, it takes more than just a cozy location to attract spiders in most cases. They want to be nearby an easy food source. When spiders welcome themselves into your home, something often attracts them.

It could be that you have nearby flies or mosquitoes. Maybe you even have a flea or roach problem that you’ve been battling. These are all food sources for spiders, and they will attract them to your home. Combat these things by keeping those pests away.

You can use many of the solutions we shared above to repel spiders as well as other pests that attract spiders, so it’s a win-win.

Final Thoughts

Whether you things spiders are interesting or you prefer never to see another spider again, you have options. You can bring in an exterminator if you are concerned about eradicating them completely. Many household products can work if you’re looking for a quick or gentle solution.

In terms of what household products kill spiders, you find that some work very well to repel them but won’t kill them. Other products will kill or repel a spider, so it covers you both ways. What you need or want to use may depend on what you have around the house and what you hope to accomplish.

Many of these solutions are easy to put to use in order to help protect your home and your sanity from spiders.

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